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Our activities


Effectiveness of creative projects promotion is stipulated by complex approach to the task, starting with the development of actor's image by highly qualified specialists, choosing of material and up to active promotion campaign in mass media, interview organization, presentations, press-conferences, etc.

The hot information on company’s KOROPFILM projects is simultaneously available to several thousand journalists of Ukraine, Russia and the counties of Eastern and Western Europe due to the regularly address distribution through e-mail. KOROPFILM also deals with creation of exclusive materials, photo sessions and promotion actions for certain magazines and newspapers.

KOROPFILM performs its activity in the following branches: work with authors and performers, producing of projects of proper performers as well as projects that are not owned by the company; production of ordered projects together with foreign producers, sound producers and musicians, composing of music and tests to order. The company also manages the authors’ and performers’ ownership of products belonging to the company, the right of using them in audio collections and clips; the right of remaking of products and also the right of performance of the authors’ products, belonging to the company.

We successfully combine traditional quality with the latest modern technologies!


Production Studio KOROPFILM deals with transformation of the idea and concept into material product. This can be a corporate movie, TV commercial, video clip, feature movie, documentary movie and TV program. We propose the whole range of services and are able to undertake any part of project development and realization.

Our distinctive features are: non-standard creative thinking, original reels and arrangements, high technical level, wide bank of voices. We will be glad to take part in creation of your bright advertising image by means of audio-video production.


The specialists with long-term experience in Marketing, Advertisement and PR guarantee high effectiveness of promotion of your creative projects. Advertising and PR campaign is individually developed for each project and contains working out of media-plan of advertising messages release, preparation of thematic news, articles, development of web site for the project and its promotion.

Simultaneously with preparation and organization of advertising and PR campaign, we control timeliness of advertising messages release, proper way of commercial blocks placement, quality of advertising materials being used and constant monitoring of promotion channels effectiveness.

Product Placement

Direct advertising looses its effectiveness. This fact is of no doubt either with Advertising Agencies, or with their Clients. The companies are in search of new approaches to the Customer and are often interested in possibilities of product placement (placing of products in movies and TV programs).

Product placement can be considered an irreplaceable way, while the rate of trust of the audience to the commercials becomes really low due to over-saturation of media or low creativity of messages. Due to brand image integration into the outline of fiction or movie, one can reach the loyalty of most conservative consumer.

We propose our products to you as a field to place your commercial advertising. Your expenses for advertisement are worth the fact that your products gain more popularity among the customers!